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You’re frustrated because as a parent, you spend all your time and energy helping and doing for others. This includes the trying task of helping your children with their homework at the end of the day. It takes so long and it puts a rift between you and your child. This is not a one time event. In fact, it happens so much during the school year that you just come to expect it. I’m guaranteeing you that Parent Focus can change that.

Your child is trying hard. They want to succeed and do well. Homework is a struggle for them. They don’t feel they can open up and explain what they’re finding difficult because they don’t want to disappoint you. In class they don’t want to look like the only student that is having a hard time. I am guaranteeing you that Parent Focus can change that.

Your child’s teacher has to learn your child’s personality and abilities in ten months and on top of that teach them stacks and stacks of standardized content. Here’s the clincher. There is one if them and 25 other children besides yours in their care. They have the responsibility to find time to communicate with parents when the need arises. Teachers have to figure out where their lessons went wrong, who needs extra help, and who’s got it down pat. The students do well on the homework, but when test time comes the grades don’t reflect this. Parent Focus can change some of this…(Sorry I cant alter curriculum or class size.)

School is hard for our children. School is hard for their teachers. School is hard for you as parents. With all of this difficulty swirling around, there are disconnects surfacing between these three team players. We complain about them. We blame others for them. Where is the real solution?

My goal for Parent Focus is to transform the mindsets at home and in the classroom by instilling in parents, teachers, and students “The Team of Three” mentality. Everyone has a role and when you focus on your role, you allow room for the others on your team to focus on their responsibilities This allows for a cohesion that leads to success.

Teachers have professional development requirements to keep them informed and up-to-date on the new methods for improving classroom instruction.

Students have tutors to sit with them and zoom in on what they are struggling with. They sit with someone who tells them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why.

What do parents have? Who can you turn to when you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do, how you’re supposed to do it, and why its so important? With all of the aid the other two members are receiving, parents finally have a personal coach in their corner. Parent Focus is your haven. I am your go to guy.


Having the resources and experiences that I have been privileged to acquire as a teacher affords me the opportunity to advocate for my children in a way that makes me uncomfortable. Why? I know that other parents, who want success for their children just as much as I do, could feel less inclined to step up and speak up because they aren’t as comfortable with doing so.

Parent Focus is my vehicle to giving each and every parent that isn’t a teacher the comfort and competence that come with the job. How?

I will help you understand and master the power of your role as a school parent.

I will give you the tools and resources that allow you to communicate with your child and their teachers and get the growth and results you’re looking for.

I will guide you in creating routines and strategies that make your home peaceful and calm even when homework time or when Parent Teacher Conferences roll around.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to appeal to parents on Facebook. Ads, going live, posting notices and crucial Department of Education dates, and arguing with Group admin in private messages were exciting and all. Those actions were also draining me of time, and energy, and desire. I felt powerless. Here I was trying to change this whole big education system one interested person at a time! I have met some amazing parents through this process and they have helped me to hone in on a lot of key issues and concerns parents were having that needed to be addressed in my services and products. But I was strangling myself with my own fears and strangling Parent Focus’ potential to change lives. While I will continue to go live in parent groups, my focus has shifted. The gap between parents and school needs to close. If I don’t help parents, who else will?

I’m going to be extremely transparent as I end this. My journey with Parent Focus is just beginning and it is not going anywhere. You can join me for the ride, or you can watch as parents all over this country and beyond make the shifts that create the momentum for astonishing success,

Your personal consultant,
Courtney H.

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