What Are You Wearing?

I want to know how you feel about the power of appearance. As I get older, and now that I have my girls, I find myself leaning towards my father’s mindset of “show them you mean business before you talk business.”

The Team of Three Foundation

A Parent, a student, and a teacher. These are the three members of the team. They all carry extremely weighty responsibility in the success or lack-thereof in a child’s school year. Knowing your role, understanding the roles of your other team players will allow space for growth and connection. Lets take a look at each team member and the role they play in a successful 12 years of schooling.

Join the Movement

Let Parent Focus help you. Become a part of the movement that will change the lives of children, parents, and teachers alike. You’re frustrated because as a parent, you spend all your time and energy helping and doing for others. This includes the trying task of helping your children with their homework at the end…

Is it Time to Hire a Tutor?

One of the most powerful things a parent can do for their child is taking an active position in their educational growth. No matter how well your child is doing in school, when you are able to keep an eye on the shifts in their grades on assignments, and keep an open dialogue between you…