The Effective Homework Tracker Worksheet and Routine


Create a routine for homework time using this month supply of worksheets. Help your child organize their time and effort, allowing them to reduce the frustrations that usually come along with homework.



Your Homework Troubles:

  • I have to work, take care of the house AND help with homework?
  • I’m tired of being the bad guy and forcing my kid to finish their work.
  • We end up fighting way too often.
  • I don’t even understand the problems!

Your Solution: The Effective Homework Tracker

  • Minimize the amount it time it takes you to help your child daily.
  • This strategy makes an inanimate object the bad guy now!
  • Leave frustrations on the assignment sheet and out of your home with the techniques found here.
  • Explanation and assistance come from the teacher when you use this strategy.
  • Studies show that students with a home work plan are much more likely to consistently finish their assignments.


  • One month supply of the Tracker Strategy worksheets.
  • Use a timer or a clock that is kid friendly. You may also use a¬†cellphone.
  • A checklist is included with timeless advice on reducing frustrations while working.
  • Easy to sustain routine.


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