Pre-write Process – Brainstorming Charts


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The struggle:

Your son or daughter gets nervous when it is time to write an extended response to a homework assignment.

The teacher has informed you that your child’s writing is short. When your child writes,  there needs to be more detail. Your child is not writing to earn them the grade they really deserve.

The Real Issue:

With the increasing prevalence of ‘get it right the first time’ in our children’s lives, at home we as parents need to remind them that writing is a process made up of drafts and brainstorming.

Our children feel several pressures when it comes to writing. 

1. Time pressure… Be fast. Time is short. Write quick.

2. Correctness pressure… You should not have to do it over. If you have to write it again it was a waste of time. You were wrong. 


The Solution:

These two downloadable charts help your child to complete two aspects of writing effectively.

1. Identifying what the question is asking of you.

2. Brainstorm as many relevant elements as possible to include in the answer so that there are enough details and information to receive a full grade.


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