The Ultimate Advisor Assistance Package



1. Your Concerns:

  • I think my child needs professional assistance.
  • I do not know what I am doing.
  • My child and I end up arguing when completing homework.
  • I want my child’s grades to improve.

2. Your Advisor Assistance Package Solution:

  • Maintain your parental power by learning strategies and routines to provide assistance to your child yourself.
  • Get tailored and direct feedback on your methods and receive new strategies to boost your effectiveness.
  • Reduce the frustration by putting in place routines and tools.
  • Watch your child’s grades improve with your help.

Details about your new Assistance package:

Your child receives the help, guidance, and practice they need from me.

You receive exact copies of my personal detailed lesson plans, tools, and resources that I use for each and every session with your son/daughter. Included in the price of tutoring your child, I sit down with you and explain each step, review each resource I used, and give you the tools I used as I was tutoring.

Why? So that eventually, when you’re ready, you can phase me out of the picture.

Tutoring should not have to go on forever, but a lot of parents don’t know where to startwhere to look, or how to figure out if they are doing the right thing. You want to help but need to see how the process of helping works? This is the package for you.

The package includes three months of service.

12 In home sessions

12 virtual assistance sessions

Unlimited access to your advisor for support, answers, and guidance.

Physical copies of all worksheets and strategy packets sold on to sustain you through the three months.

1. Advisory Services:

Pay in Full: $1400 

Monthly Payment Plan: $1450

  • Monthly $450 due on the first Monday of the first week of service and then every subsequent month on the same date. Total price 1450


  • In Full – $1400 due the Monday before service is expected to begin.

What is the difference between the Advisor package and regular tutoring services? Click here to find out.


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