The Bookbag Checklist!


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Fill in this PDF and print it out for your child to keep in their folder or binder to remember what they need to bring home each day.



“My Child Forgets To Bring Homework Home From School!”


This is very common! Parents pull their hair out daily, worried that their child’s grades are going to drop because they leave necessary items in school when they’re supposed to be worked on at home.

  1. Homework
  2. Folders
  3. Notebooks
  4. Workbooks
  5. Textbooks.

Create an incentive by using this reward chart download!

What makes this different than stickers and a reward pad from Amazon?

  • Filling in the list takes the challenge of remembering off your child and keeps it on the paper!
  • Change up the reward each week all of the items come home to continue to create excitement around being responsible.
  • Print a new one each week, laminate it, or slide it into a clear document protector to make it dry erase!
  • Your child can check off their list as they pack their bag at school!
  • Comes with 5 downloads!



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