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You are powerful. You as a parent want to be instrumental in your children’s academic success, but we live in a society that makes this a challenge for us. You have little time to devote to helping your child with school-related things. External messages make you doubt your ability to help your child be successful. What’s worse is, you are never given a clear game plan on how to put and keep your child on the path to success. This all ends here.

The Ultimate Parent Involvement Planner is your support system for all parenting-focused roles of a child’s education. This is a 10 month system filled with daily, weekly and monthly tools and trackers to keep you powerfully involved in your child’s education.

This book is designed as a:
1. planner
2. reference book
3. support system
4. how to guide book for you when dealing with anything school related.

This planner includes the following:
1. ten monthly attendance trackers
2. ten monthly communication worksheets
3. weekly preparenedness checklist for every week your child is in school
4. daily homework trackers for each night of homework
5. tips and hacks for common school related issue
6. email communication templates
7. study guide templates

Use it in conversation with teachers and school staff to recall specific dates and events. Get strategic in your involvement with your child’s education.


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