“Two Time Reader” Reading Strategy Workbook (4-6 year olds)


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Reading at Home is Important!


“My child’s teacher says they are not reading books in their grade level yet. I am worried.”

“My child does not like to read with me.”

“How do I help my child read higher level books?”

The Two Time Reader” strategy makes it easier to help your child read.

  • Use this PDF and a book at their reading level or one above. Consequently, your child’s reading level will increase.
  • Recognize what words your child struggles with. List these words, and in addition, revisit them a few times to increase fluency.
  • Create the routine of reading a book twice as the norm in your household.
  • Check your child’s comprehension by asking appropriate questions.


  1. Directions Infographic: Print this or save it on your phone because you will need quick access to it.
  2. Two Time Reader PDF: Form habits with repetition. Use this form until you feel you and your child can create the strategy on your own. (Ten blank Worksheets are included.)
    • Remember, each time you and your child read a new book you will need to fill out a new form. As a result, you will build a repertoire of new words and new book guides.

Routines and strategies create habits. Frustration is less likely when your child builds habits. Each Parent Focus strategies create a routine for you and your child to use at home together.

Benefits of Parent Focus strategies:

  • You will see exactly where your child needs help. Therefore, you will only need to be there when they are at that point.
  • You will free up time from sitting with your child until homework is done. As a result, you will be able to work on other responsibilities or focus on your own interests.

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