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  • Are you a determined parent who prides themselves on their ability to help their children be successful and happy?

  • Have you been going from friend to friend, facebook group to facebook group, google site to google site, yearning for a solution to helping your child learn how to be more independent when it comes to school?

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Give Your Child A Tailored Educational Success Routine.


  1. Enhance the powerful connection between you, your child, and their teachers.

  2. Create homework routines that support your child in becoming an independent learner.

  3. Put in place strategies that help your child become more organized, aware, and time conscious when it comes to their school work.


We are Officially in this Together!

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What Is Your Role In All of This?


Your primary job in the early years is to motivate your child.

Next, you have to create a home learning experience that sets the foundation for educational success.

  • You have to maintain a home schedule that gives your child the time, the space, and the accountability to the work and lessons assigned by the teacher.

  • You have to make sure that your child learns other skills that are not school-based. Those of organization, time management, self-control, and grit.

  • You, especially in the younger years, have the responsibility of selecting schools and programs that best fit your child’s abilities and personality.

  • You should be aware of your child’s schooling schedule.

How are you doing with your role in your child’s education?


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If All That is My Job, What is My Child Supposed to be Doing?


Ultimately, at the end of the day,  you and the teacher can encourage, and cheer, and instruct, and guide, and urge, and yell, and scream, and punish, and bribe their heads off. Unless your child is in it to fully win it, success will be a variable more than a certainty. Your growing student is the center of the team and they have a weighty responsibility in how things go.


  • Taking notes in class to make sure they have a reference point for review or help.

  • Completing homework and doing their best to ensure all answers are correct and follow the given directions.

  • Asking the teacher or you for help as soon as they see the need.

  • Studying for tests, quizzes, and exams to be prepared to knock them out of the park.

  • Keeping a system of organization and time management that allows them the flexibility to both get their school work done, and enjoy being their age.


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