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Join the movement that will harness your  parental powers in the education of your children.” 
 – C. Hillesheim

  1. Support the powerful connection between you, your child, and their teachers.
  2. Support the powerful balance between your involvement with your child’s homework routine and your need to care for yourself, and other responsibilities. 
  3. Master your powerful supporting role as a public school parent.

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You Need To Know What To Do

support_children_momYou, as a parent, are powerful. You definitely know how good it feels to be confident in your choices and decisions as a parent. That is why you bought the complete series of “What to Expect” as soon as you found out you were expecting.

Unfortunately, with
  • Little time to devote to staying on top of your child’s education,
  • Your personal doubts and concerns about how capable you actually are to steer your child through the rough terrain of the education system,
  • No clarity on your role, your responsibilities, and your options,

once our children hit school age, our society today becomes the villain in our parental power success story!

It is human nature to look for support and guidance, especially when you are the main authority figure in your little human’s life. This is part of the reason the internet is so wonderful. Meanwhile, parenting books stop after toddler years, but your involvement does not.


The next twelve years of your child’s life is going to be a constant uphill journey towards the peak of success. Being clear on what your role is, knowing your options, and having a game-plan could be the difference between you standing up and being the support and guide your child needs to make it up the mountain of success, or falling down on the job and leaving your child to flounder, struggle, and learn the ropes on their own.


Parent Focus is the next step in your parenting support system. I created it to bridge the gap between the toddler years of advice on the market and the student guide to college applications, scholarships, and grants. Everyone thrives on clarity, knowledge, and emotional support. Parent Focus services and products offer the parents of school-aged children all three!

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