The Parent’s Parent-Teacher Conference Handbook is for the involved but busy parent. Parent-Teacher conferences go so much better when they are conversations between parents and teachers and not just the teacher sharing a list of your child’s glows and grows. When you come prepared, you leave informed.


Conversations to have with your child before the conference.

Questions you should ask the teacher

Things you can ask to see while you’re visiting the classroom

How to make sure teachers follow-up with you after the conferences are over.

The Parent’s Back-to-School Handbook is for the involved but busy parent. What should I be doing and when should I be doing it to help ease the transition from Summertime back to the classroom.


Helping your child prepare for going back to school.

Ways to build a strong relationship with your child’s teachers right from the start.

Tools that aren’t on the “supplies list” that comes home with your child in the first few days.

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