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  • Education leaders are always looking for strategies and services to empower parents. The work goes in both directions: we all must make important contributions to ensure student success.
  • Parent Focus offers Family Support Coordinators, PTA Presidents, and Principals timely workshops that align with Chancellor Richard Carranza’s “Equity and Excellence for All” Initiative. 

Workshop Topics

Great for “Equity and Excellence For All” Grants and Proposals.

State Test Prep At Home

Great for Parent Teacher Conference Months,

Equity and Access For All Grants And Proposals:

Parent-Teacher Communication Masterclass

  • Discusses parental concerns and questions regarding Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • Provides and explains a series of questions that open real dialogue between parents and teachers to help students.
  • Simulates mini-conferences to allow parents to experience the teacher side of the conversations.

Included: A Preparatory Consultation with School Staff:

  • What is the school struggling with in terms of parent communication?
  • What has staff done to remedy the situation?
  • How willing are parents to attend workshops?
  • What are some specific things administration and teachers would like to see from parents?
  • What do you think parents would like to see in your school? (create a form to be filled out by parents that attend the workshop)
  • Review the lesson plan outline for the Parent Workshop.

Included: 30 minute- 1 hour Parent Workshop lecture-2044621_1920

  • Warm-ups and Ice-breakers to create an environment of comfort.
  • Parent/Teacher meeting Role-play (Putting parents in teacher’s shoes)
  • Training on the selected topic.
  • Group discussion and completion of Preparation form created by Parent Focus and School Staff.


Post Consultation Meeting with School Staff:

  • communicate-2028004_1280Review the form results.
  • Discuss key findings and conversations from the workshop.
  • Schedule the next workshop.

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