Ready to empower your student’s parents? 

Want a personalized workshop for your neighborhood or group of friends?
Want to help parents understand their role in helping your school?team-2044760_1920

Parent Focus offers group workshops that are great for PTA Meetings, parent groups , and more.

Workshop Topics




flyer_1 (1)Included: A Preparation meeting with school staff:

  • What is the school struggling with in terms of parent communication?
  • What has staff done to remedy the situation?
  • How willing are parents to attend workshops?
  • What are some specific things administration and teachers would like to see from parents?
  • What do you think parents would like to see from your school? (create a form to be filled out by parents that attend workshop)
  • Review lesson plan outline for the Parent Workshop.

Included: 30 minute- 1 hour Parent Workshop lecture-2044621_1920

  • Warm-ups and Ice-breakers to create an environment of comfort.
  • Parent/Teacher meeting Role-play (Putting parents in teacher’s shoes)
  • Training on effective communication with school staff
  • Handouts of Parents Bill of Rights from DOE Website.
  • Group discussion and completion of Preparation form created by Parent Focus and School Staff.


Post Meeting with School Staff:

  • communicate-2028004_1280Review the form results.
  • Discuss key findings and conversations from the workshop.
  • Schedule next workshop.