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The following is a list of Parent Focus Guaranteed tools to enhance your child’s organization and understanding of their assignments.

Use these links to purchase your home supply of the following products.

  1. Cascading folder for organization: Color code your child’s old homework and tests to make future studying easier. Include old notes from class that are cluttering up their notebooks and bookbags. This prevents the mess of crumpled up homework and tests filling your child’s book bag and making the process of opening it a nightmare!

2. Non-visual timer for keeping your child focused: If you are not actually trying to make your child stick to a set time, but want to use time as the motivating factor in helping your child avoid distractions, this is the timer for you.  You may stop the timer while your child is working and when you see them starting to lose focus, start the timer and show them that time is passing and they have to pay attention to their work so they can finish on time.



3. Visual timer: This is for children who like the added challenge of actually sticking to the time they set. When your child tells you how long they are going to take on their homework assignment, set this timer and use it to keep them aware of the actual passing of time.

4. Fraction/decimal Manipulatives: The following items are hands-on visual and tactile aids to help your child understand and visualize the problems they are working with using tangible objects. When humans use multiple senses to understand a problem, comfort and retention improve greatly.

5. Place Value manipulatives: Ones place, tens place, hundreds place, thousands place. Is your child now drawing out sticks, cubes, and squares as homework answers? Are they getting confused about the value of a stick versus the value of a cube? Use these to help them see, touch, and play around with place value in REAL-TIME.

6. Reading comprehension aids: These cards equip you with the questions you need to ask to make sure that your child is understanding what they read. The questions appear in ELA exams across the country so you are also preparing your child for those!

Fiction Reading Cards Helper:

Nonfiction Reading Card Questions:

7. The Ultimate Parent Involvement Planner: A daily planner for all ten months of the school year. Designed to increase your effectiveness in helping your child become an independent learner, your child’s teachers stay in contact with you, and your ability to look ahead and plan for any bumps in the road to come.

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A daily routine for homework that will help your child become a successful independent learner.

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