How Did “This is Us” Reveal the Ultimate Parenting Goal?

“As parents, we talk a lot about what we want for our kids. I can come up with a whole bunch of fancy words to make me sound smarter than I am, but the one word that I keep coming back to is ‘okay’. We want our kids to be okay… So will you help me?”

Does My Child Need A Tutor?

WHY DID YOU WRITE THIS ARTICLE? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the discussion at hand, tutoring. As a teacher, and as a┬átutor myself, I have always found myself in an awkward position when parents ask me to tutor their child. It’s awkward because of many reasons. I know I can help your child improve…

What Are You Wearing?

I want to know how you feel about the power of appearance. As I get older, and now that I have my girls, I find myself leaning towards my father’s mindset of “show them you mean business before you talk business.”

Is it Time to Hire a Tutor?

One of the most powerful things a parent can do for their child is taking an active position in their educational growth. No matter how well your child is doing in school, when you are able to keep an eye on the shifts in their grades on assignments, and keep an open dialogue between you…