How can I help my child increase their reading level?

This strategy is for children who can decode and read. When your goal is to improve your child’s reading level, your child is the one that needs to do the reading, not you. You are merely a facilitator in this process, a guide, helping your child when they need it and asking questions to make sure they understand what they are taking in. 

You will have your child select books that are AT THEIR CURRENT READING LEVEL or ONE LEVEL ABOVE their current reading level. They should not know the story, or know all of the words. There needs to be an element of challenge in order for progress to be made. 

The Team of Three Foundation

A Parent, a student, and a teacher. These are the three members of the team. They all carry extremely weighty responsibility in the success or lack-thereof in a child’s school year. Knowing your role, understanding the roles of your other team players will allow space for growth and connection. Lets take a look at each team member and the role they play in a successful 12 years of schooling.